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The Story



KAGE - 影 SHADOW (Underdog)



A shadow (an underdog) with a depository of accomplishments

Our Mission

Established in 2020, Kurakagei is an anime-inspired streetwear brand that empowers anime fans to stay ruthless in finding their ikigai - their purpose in life.

Our mission is to disrupt the streetwear and anime industry. This is done by designing premium street fashion that acts as an inspirational reminder to relentlessly pursue your goals.

Our Vision

Tired of low-quality, over-the-top flashy anime streetwear? You’re not alone.

Today, most anime-inspired merch has too much anime and not enough street.

Through obsessing over our craftsmanship, we deliver premium yet subtle anime-inspired streetwear designed for you to refocus on finding your ikigai in style.

In other words, we're here to empower the underdogs.

How? By leveraging neuroscience and adding real meaning to our designs.

We’re not here to only make you look good, but to shift your mindset, and help you overcome challenges life inevitably throws your way.

We aim to do this through the neuroscience of reducing negative thoughts using a mental exercise called Notice-Shift-Rewire.


  • Catch yourself when you slip into stress, self-doubt, fear, etc.
    • Use your Kurakagei streetwear as a symbol of awareness
    • Use it as a tool to notice when you're slipping into negative thoughts


  • Think of one thing you're thankful for right now:
    • Your health, your family, your strengths, your ambition, etc.
    • Shifting will let you flood your mind with more productive thoughts


  • Take 15 seconds to embrace this new mindset
  • Take a deep breath and engrave it deep into your mind

When you make this shift, your life will change for the better. You'll be more focused on your purpose & conquer life's challenges with confidence

Be the best version of you

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